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Authorized Sport Court® CourtBuilder™.

In the year 1974 we created the backyard court. Sport Court of Pennsylvania installed our first court and have been an official CourtBuilder since 2002. We are a subsidiary of Grote Construction Inc., a reminder of our commitment to sporting excellence and first place. We never put our guard down and we always push to be the best. At Sport Court, that’s who we are.

Meet our team.

Sport Court is the world's largest court builder, but at Sport Court of PA we give you hometown service. Our team is committed to quality and will be there till the end to get your indoor or outdoor court done right.

Scott Focht,

Partner and Lead CourtBuilder

On the team for 15 years

When I was growing up, my “Sport Court” was an uneven piece of blacktop behind my parents’ house with white chalk lines and a station wagon parked to close to the basketball hoop, AND IT WAS PERFECT. I played countless hours, against imaginary opponents and somehow always claimed victory on a last second shot. It was my personal canvas to create, develop and dream.

As a court builder, I get to supply such a place for young people to develop their skills and explore their creativity. They can share it with friends, play games against their parents and siblings or challenge that special imaginary person in a game of one on one. I cannot think of a better gift to give than that of a place to dream.

I can honestly say I don’t have a favorite installation story to share, however, when I complete painting a 3-point arc or placing the last piece of ramp edging on the court, all I want to do is play someone on it. Thank you Sport Court for continuing “my” dream.

Scott Grote,

Design Specialist and Sales

On the team for 26 years

The only thing I like more than selling and designing game courts is playing on them.  I'm an avid tennis player, hockey skater, runner, and rower.

My background is in contemporary residential architecture (which I still do from time to time). I use that experience to create beautiful courts that sit perfectly nestled on your lot.I enjoy helping clients with their entire landscape design to bring everything together and create the perfect backyard.The same design help is always available to our commercial / facilities clients for outdoor game courts and indoor gymnasiums projects.

I get no greater thrill than when I visit somebody's house, facility, or school where we've installed courts and I see people playing on them, exercising, and having a great time. Makes me want to grab my racket and join in the fun.

Sport Court of PA is ready to make your court—and your experience—the very best.

We’ve been focused on one thing for 30 years: building courts that motivate champions. 

  • CourtBuilders are certified by Sport Court and ASBA.
  • Custom design experts will help you design the court for your sports needs with your color palette.
  • We are committed to providing customer service and project coordination from court design to installation to maintenance.
  • Sport Court game courts are made with professional-grade materials and construction processes.
  • Every court comes with a 15-year warranty on surfaces and components.
  • Products are independently tested for quality and performance.